Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, I got snowed in the house all day with my mom. We went through all the baby clothes and separated them into size and then put them in the attic and it has cleared up a lot of space in my room. Now I just need to clean off the weebly wobbly book case so I can take it out of my room.

Yesterday, after a bit of snow in the morning I escaped the house to go hang out with Chelsea and John at Chelsea's house. We all sat around in our PJs all day (everyone's work was canceled) and had a snow day together. And then for dinner we all went to the diner and got a ton of food(I'm pretty sure my waiter thought we were nuts). Afterwards we went back to the house and hung out. The boys played video games and me and Chelsea were doing everything we could think of to try and annoy them (that's what girls are for). It was a fun relaxing day. I hope everyone else had a fun snow day too.

Today I will be hanging out with Chelsea in the morning, for some desperately needed girl time. Then I hope to come home, work on my room some more and then around 4 John and all his roommates and I are going to a show that his roommate RJ is performing at. Hope it's not too loud for baby.

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