Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm anemic, oh no! Hopefully after taking more vitamins though I'll get everything back to normal, but that definitely explains why I am ALWAYS so tired, and why I had been getting light headed. This is what I found on my what to expect website:

Anemia is never fun — it takes away your lovely pregnancy glow, making you pale, extremely weak, easily tired or breathless, and can sometimes even lead to fainting. Don't want to go there? Here's a simple four-step plan you can follow to keep your iron pumped up:

Four Steps to Avoiding Anemia

Step 1: Take an iron supplement.
Although there are plenty of ways to get iron from the foods you eat, it's always good to have extra insurance when it comes to this vital nutrient. Taking a 30 to 50 mg iron supplement during the crucial second half of your pregnancy will ensure that you're getting what you and your baby need. (If your practitioner notes that your iron stores are particularly low, he or she may recommend a higher dosage supplement.) Remember that this supplement should be taken in addition to your prenatal vitamins. Be certain to talk to your practitioner about the best time of day to take your vitamin so it's not hard on your tummy; there are also different kinds of iron supplements to try (some are slow release) if they're giving you digestive unrest.

Step 2: Eat yer spinach!
Popeye said a mouthful — a mouthful you should consider, too. If spinach isn't appealing (though think out of the can here — you can also serve spinach up fresh in a salad with sliced strawberries, wilted under seared fish or grilled meat, or sautéed with pasta and cheese), there are lots of other iron-rich foods you can pump your diet up with, including lean beef or buffalo, duck, sardines, cooked clams, oysters, mussels, and shrimp, cooked dried beans, edamame and other soy products, oat bran, barley, dried fruit, Jerusalem artichokes, and seaweed.

Step 3. Keep your caffeine down.
Caffeine may perk you up, but it dashes the effects of iron. If you wash down that iron-rich steak with a cola (or that bag of trail mix with a coffee), you're reducing the amount of iron that gets absorbed into your system.

Step 4. Let vitamin C work in your favor.
Vitamin C is iron's best bud (apart from Popeye), since it's well known to improve iron absorption. So take a glass of OJ with that iron supplement, a side of red pepper with those shrimp, or some fresh strawberries in your oat bran cereal.

Maybe I'll start glowing now! I'll sure save on electricity, Haha. How corny am I?

I had alot of tests this week in school and I hope I did well on all of them. I also went and played with the puppies on Sunday at my sisters, which I might end up doing again tomorrow while Mom is in her class. (I really love those puppies) I better go do some homework.

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