Sunday, March 28, 2010

i love Babies!

She kinda looks like John, is this a preview of what my baby might look like?
(with blue eyes and blonde hair of course though)
Today I'm at the real estate office working with my mom, bored as heck. I haven't really had the motivation or time to update my blog. I'm always to tired or busy. I'm 33 weeks as of today (7 weeks to go) and let me tell you, BOY am I over it! My sister-in-law (for all intense purposes) Jenn finally had HER little girl and it's making me itch to have this baby even sooner. I got to go play mommy all day yesterday and I loved every minute of it (even the crying and screaming and poopy diapers). I know it'll be different with my son, i'll be ten times more exhausted and i wont get to give him back and go home at the end of the day, but I'm still very excited. I love babies. And I KNOW I'm going to be infatuated with mine. :) John on the other hand is starting to worry me a little. His mom MADE him hold little Mckenna. It's like he's scared of her or something. Hardly goes near her or me for that matter when I'm holding her. Will that be different when it's his own son? He told me he had a dream that he picked up our baby and broke his back. I told him that he probably will have a hundred more dreams just like that until the baby comes and even worse ones when the baby is here, that he's just nervous. I have NO idea what to do.

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