Monday, February 22, 2010

SO MUCH BABY STUFF!!! and i haven't even had my baby shower yet! Gosh I am so blessed. I officially have a ton of clothes. Not enough onsies or socks or little hats but like I said, i still haven't had my baby shower. I also have 6 packs of diapers (a big pack of Ns and 5 packs of 1s) which i forgot how much I love the smell of. I have a beautiful bassinet that def needs to be put together a little better. A train crib set and john picked out a adorable baby snoopy comforter from solutions today. I love picking out baby things with him, it makes it feel like he is just as excited about our little boy as I am. I have to start going through things and finding better places for everything, because right now I can't even walk in my room. I think tomorrow morning that will be my mission. To get everything in its place (i keep saying that). Actually I think i'll get started now. (or maybe i'll just sniff the diapers some more)

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