Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, I got snowed in the house all day with my mom. We went through all the baby clothes and separated them into size and then put them in the attic and it has cleared up a lot of space in my room. Now I just need to clean off the weebly wobbly book case so I can take it out of my room.

Yesterday, after a bit of snow in the morning I escaped the house to go hang out with Chelsea and John at Chelsea's house. We all sat around in our PJs all day (everyone's work was canceled) and had a snow day together. And then for dinner we all went to the diner and got a ton of food(I'm pretty sure my waiter thought we were nuts). Afterwards we went back to the house and hung out. The boys played video games and me and Chelsea were doing everything we could think of to try and annoy them (that's what girls are for). It was a fun relaxing day. I hope everyone else had a fun snow day too.

Today I will be hanging out with Chelsea in the morning, for some desperately needed girl time. Then I hope to come home, work on my room some more and then around 4 John and all his roommates and I are going to a show that his roommate RJ is performing at. Hope it's not too loud for baby.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm anemic, oh no! Hopefully after taking more vitamins though I'll get everything back to normal, but that definitely explains why I am ALWAYS so tired, and why I had been getting light headed. This is what I found on my what to expect website:

Anemia is never fun — it takes away your lovely pregnancy glow, making you pale, extremely weak, easily tired or breathless, and can sometimes even lead to fainting. Don't want to go there? Here's a simple four-step plan you can follow to keep your iron pumped up:

Four Steps to Avoiding Anemia

Step 1: Take an iron supplement.
Although there are plenty of ways to get iron from the foods you eat, it's always good to have extra insurance when it comes to this vital nutrient. Taking a 30 to 50 mg iron supplement during the crucial second half of your pregnancy will ensure that you're getting what you and your baby need. (If your practitioner notes that your iron stores are particularly low, he or she may recommend a higher dosage supplement.) Remember that this supplement should be taken in addition to your prenatal vitamins. Be certain to talk to your practitioner about the best time of day to take your vitamin so it's not hard on your tummy; there are also different kinds of iron supplements to try (some are slow release) if they're giving you digestive unrest.

Step 2: Eat yer spinach!
Popeye said a mouthful — a mouthful you should consider, too. If spinach isn't appealing (though think out of the can here — you can also serve spinach up fresh in a salad with sliced strawberries, wilted under seared fish or grilled meat, or sautéed with pasta and cheese), there are lots of other iron-rich foods you can pump your diet up with, including lean beef or buffalo, duck, sardines, cooked clams, oysters, mussels, and shrimp, cooked dried beans, edamame and other soy products, oat bran, barley, dried fruit, Jerusalem artichokes, and seaweed.

Step 3. Keep your caffeine down.
Caffeine may perk you up, but it dashes the effects of iron. If you wash down that iron-rich steak with a cola (or that bag of trail mix with a coffee), you're reducing the amount of iron that gets absorbed into your system.

Step 4. Let vitamin C work in your favor.
Vitamin C is iron's best bud (apart from Popeye), since it's well known to improve iron absorption. So take a glass of OJ with that iron supplement, a side of red pepper with those shrimp, or some fresh strawberries in your oat bran cereal.

Maybe I'll start glowing now! I'll sure save on electricity, Haha. How corny am I?

I had alot of tests this week in school and I hope I did well on all of them. I also went and played with the puppies on Sunday at my sisters, which I might end up doing again tomorrow while Mom is in her class. (I really love those puppies) I better go do some homework.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SO MUCH BABY STUFF!!! and i haven't even had my baby shower yet! Gosh I am so blessed. I officially have a ton of clothes. Not enough onsies or socks or little hats but like I said, i still haven't had my baby shower. I also have 6 packs of diapers (a big pack of Ns and 5 packs of 1s) which i forgot how much I love the smell of. I have a beautiful bassinet that def needs to be put together a little better. A train crib set and john picked out a adorable baby snoopy comforter from solutions today. I love picking out baby things with him, it makes it feel like he is just as excited about our little boy as I am. I have to start going through things and finding better places for everything, because right now I can't even walk in my room. I think tomorrow morning that will be my mission. To get everything in its place (i keep saying that). Actually I think i'll get started now. (or maybe i'll just sniff the diapers some more)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Yesterday I went to my nephews' basketball games and they both played extremely well. Then me and my mom went car shopping with no luck again. We went to this one car dealer and the guy was a complete idiot, treating us like we were idiots (you can imagine how well that went over with my mothers patience) we will find something eventually though. I have her car to use for the next couple days because she is going away to atlantic city for the next couple days. Tomorrow i have school and then class with Jenn, John, and Phil. And wednesday I have my 28 weeks appt which is crazt. It's going so fast. Time for spanish homework.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So it looks to me like I am going to be without a car for longer then expected. Something wrong with some pulley and its going to cost a bazillion dollars to fix. I feel like I'm 15 all over again. Depending on everyone else for pretty much everything now is just not a good feeling. I feel completely helpless, and useless and a burden on everyone I have to ask a favor of. This sucks. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

So I had a very nice day yesterday with John. We didn't do much of anything, but spending time with him was all I really wanted. We did go to lunch and during lunch John decided that the baby is going to take my last name until we get married. I am very impressed with this decision that he has made. I have to write a paper today on risky behaviors involving drugs and alcohol, which I have been putting off all week. It's just not a topic I feel I'd like to address. But I really don't think it would be a smart decision to not write the paper. But I can almost guarantee it's going to be my hardest worked on paper ever. Owell maybe I'll pay someone to write it for me. Any takers? Or maybe I can get John to write it for me. He's a very good writer. I already have the sources. UGH time for spanish.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today I had school (my brother drove me due to the fact that my car is in the shop) i was late but not too bad. Afterwards we walked around campus and he picked up a fasfa form and made an appointment with a counselor! I haven't gone to the same school as one of my siblings in 8 years! I am very excited, I hope we get to take a class together. I also went to the movies with my new friend Chelsea. She is John's roomate I guess you could say. We've been getting to know each other lately and we've really hit it off. She's been through alot of the same stuff I have and she just gets me. It's nice to make a new friend that I can really relate to. We saw that movie valentine's day and boy was it mushy, and entirely unrealistic but cute nonetheless. I'll be 27 weeks next week. The last week of my second trimester! Pretty crazy huh? Time is really starting to fly. I had a feeling it would once I started school and getting myself busy. The baby kicks like crazyyy. I swear it's like he's training for the olympics or something. Always movvvinggg. I doubt there is any such thing as overactive but boy I sure wonder sometimes. Well that's all for now. Very tired, long day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another boring day stuck in the house. I have some serious cleaning that I need to do though so it won't go completely to waste. I wish I still had school though. It would be nice just to get out for a couple hours and see different faces. Owell, cleaning and relaxing will have to do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My stomach and back muscles have been feeling like I have been doing a bajillion crunches. This has been going on for like three days now and I'm not really sure whats going on but boy does it hurt. I get uncomfortable just sitting. Sitting!? Who gets uncomfortable sitting? I just finished a paper on texting and driving, did you know it's twice as dangerous as driving legally intoxicated? Think about that next time your driving and your cell goes off. I had my solutions pregnancy class today, John wasn't able to go because he got called into work early. But I am not there alone. John's sister is also pregnant (one more month to go) and her and her husband come now. It's fun. I got a bunch of diapers and wipes today, too. I also was given this very pretty bassinet last week that has been turned into my personal clothes holder. Hhaha. Good thing I'm not having this baby anytime soon. My bedroom and surroundings are FAR from ready. My car is filthy. The trunk can't fit a stroller and it smells like dirty onions, and I can't even WALK in my room. Idk how it got so messy. It's probably due to school but I was snowed in all this weekend and didn't even THINK about touching it. I'm just going to blame it on the back ache and call it a day. I'll get around to it. Thursday. I have nothing to do except homework. And my blood test. Which I HAVE to call and make an appointment tomorrow. CRAP I'm def supposed to be at a board of education meeting right now. I really need to start making myself to do lists. Owell. That's all for now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm getting very impatient. I only have 101 days to go before I'm done, give or take a couple weeks. That seems like forever. I'd give an arm and a leg just to sleep comfortably for a night. I keep waking up on my back, which makes me panic like all heck because every book I've read says that's a big fat NO NO when pregnant. Hurts the baby somehow. Plus it causes the baby to lay directly on my bladder so it feels like I really gotta go. Oh man. Only 101 more days, right? Who knew this pregnant thing could get soooo uncomfortable? Ha. It's worth it though. In 101 more days I get to meet the love of my life. We have a list of names picked out. I'm afraid to settle on something though, because what if I pick something fall inlove with it and then he turns out to look not like that name? Or what if by some crazy way that I get settled on such a cute boy name and then it turns out they're wrong and it's a girl? Could you imagine if had twins? One of each? Then i'd have to think of two names. I'd make their names rhyme, like I did to my cats. Haha. No that would be to mean. I was talking with a friend the other night. Talking about how I want to hyphenate the last name. People think I'm nuts because my last name has 11 letters in it, but I couldn't bear to have a different last name then my child, and I couldn't do it to John to not give his child his name. So whats my other option? I can make up some wacky name out of the two of our names. Van Fernakxoort. Ha. What a thought. But seriously, someone tell me, who decided that children MUST take there fathers name? Where did that tradition come from? Owell. Someones cooking.

Long boring rambling post. Woohoo!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my favorite juice evvverrr. best way to start the day when you're still walking around like a zombie and youi just cant wake up. aka exactly how i feel today. time for class. boooo..

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My big sister, (who is one of the best sisters anyone could ever ask for) thought it would be cool if I started blogging about my pregnancy since I have to blog anyways for my stupid computer class. Which I am in right as we speak. So here is my first post.

  • I'm 25 weeks and one day
  • I'm tired and cranky from a long day of school (which i am still at)
  • My back has been killllllling me lately, but I took a nice bath the other day and that seemed to help, not only my aches and pains but i used this sesame oil and my dry skin stopped itching for a couple days. My mother however was concerned she was going to have to come help me out. She didn't, but the though of that kinda made me laugh.
  • The baby's kicks have been getting harder and harder and harder day by day. He kicks after i eat chocolate or when i have been sitting or laying down for a while (like when i'm trying to go to bed, or when he wants me to wake up in the morning) When am i supposed to start counting kicks?
  • Next thursday I have to get more blood work to test for gestational diabetes? I supposedly have to drink a sugary substance and then wait an hour and have them take my blood. Why are all these dumb pregnancy test include some sort of special instructions? (ie. Level 2 ultrasound included me drink 40oz of water and then not peeing for 4 hours!!!) I shouldn't say dumb, they're just trying to make sure me and baby are healthy, but really!

that's all for now!