Saturday, May 8, 2010

The end is near, supposedly... I'm worn out, and achy and just all over, completely and entirely done with this whole pregnant thing. I am 39 weeks as of Monday and i don"t think we will even be finishing this week. Just so everyone knows though, my mind has not come to terms with what comes at the end of this pregnancy. I know their is a baby in my belly, but no matter how many times I say it, the words I am going to be a MOM are just not sinking in. Mom? what is this MOM word people have been mention? I know I have a mom, an awesome mom. I know my sister is a mom. And my mom has a mom. But me? A mom? really? No way. It's not possible. I don't get it. Owell, time to get over it, because their is very little time left.

This morning I went to the annual mother's day brunch with my mom and my sister and all the other woman in my immediate family. It's always fun every year (granted I have never been more uncomfortable in my life1) and it's just a great way to bond. Afterwards me and my mom and my sister and my brother all went to the holmdel commons. We had some last minute things we had to pick up from ulta and bestbuy. I still have to straighten up my room and pack my bag, but everyone else is ready. John has a bag packed, the baby has his take home outfit ready, and we have a name picked out (even just in case it is a girl) but I am not prepared, mentally or physically. I am procrastinating even though I really shouldn't because guess what? I feel like crap, and I have since last night. I can't stand up for more then a few minutes, and its unbearable to walk, and my mom seems to be under the impression that this is beginning of labor (like she's done this before or something!?) So maybe no would be the best time to get all of these things out of the way. Well that's all for now, and I am can almost guarantee the next time I post I will be a MOM. See ya then!!

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  1. You will feel like a mom when you hold that baby in your arms.
    My bag for you is packed too. I have your beeswax mint chapstick, my camera & extra battery, your nurisng cover, your nursing cream, etc.
    I even packed my glasses and contact case, so if it is late I can put my glasses on.

    It was funny I made Kevin give blood to save you $30 on your computer. Too bad I couldn't give. Ha ha.

    You still look amazing, I am sorry you are so uncomfortable.

    I love you!