Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today was kind of a lazy day. I woke up at like 20 after 10 because I just could not sleep last night in that hot heat. I got more done in my room and folded brochures for my mom. Then around 1:30 I went over John's and spent some time with him. We grabbed some lunch and then he came with me to the grocery store to help me pick out some steaks for dinner. I dropped him off at work at like 4 and then came home, watched some Judge Judy and made dinner. I made london broil and potatoes on the grill and some coleslaw from a bag. The london broil and potatoes games out excelent. The London Broil was a little under done but I though it was delicious. Definitely got my daily requirement of iron!! I am so stuffed. I think tonight I am going to go through all the baby clothes that are actually in my room and sort out all of the 0-3 months stuff and then pack everything else up into the attic.

This weekend is my baby shower and I am soooooo excited!


  1. You are an awesome cook, everything was spectacular, awesome and oh did I mention it tasted good. Thanks for taking the time to make dinner it was a great help for me.
    I love you
    PS who's baby shower are you going to???